Do you have personal artwork or a business logo you want to transform into a sticker?

We take pride in the production of our high quality stickers and would be more than happy to work with your business on custom orders. Stickers made for your business provide huge returns in customer recognition and are of large benefit in branding campaigns. Plain and simple; if you have a cool sticker, people will notice it!

Art files submitted must be in vector format. We will only provide you with the highest qual-ity products available. Traditional bitmap files become blurry or pixelated when the file is expanded past a certain point. A non-vector image can result in blurring, jagged edges and loss of detail. A vector file contains a mathematical description of the drawing. This allows the file to be edited any number of times or blown up to any size.

If your art isn’t vectorized, a one time set up fee of $50 will apply. Please email us if you have any questions or would like more information on this matter.

To sum this issue up; Vector files are files saved as .EPS or .AI (even .pdf sometimes). Files that need to be converted are saved as: .BMP .GIF .JPG .JPEG .TIFF .GIF

Don’t have artwork? No problem! Our team of professional designers can create any artwork you desire. Hourly design rates will apply, email us for more details.

We’re excited to add you to our list of happy customers, see examples of our previous work to the right or visit our instagram @slostickers. After you place your order we can deliver the product to local businesses free of charge!